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Postby Rufus T. Firefly » 12 Feb 2015, 08:45

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Re: :grimredneck:

Postby User » 12 Feb 2015, 09:13

more metal
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Re: :grimredneck:

Postby Skinfection » 12 Feb 2015, 12:16

they should play a show with those kids that covered sepultura
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Re: :grimredneck:

Postby Haunty » 14 Feb 2015, 15:57

they oughtta do a old-school bm tribute split with these kids:
these kids are better musicians than the actual guys from mayhem were at that time.

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harpsichord dynamo
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Re: :grimredneck:

Postby harpsichord dynamo » 14 Feb 2015, 18:33

wouldn't take much :redneck:
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