The Fuck Is This?

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The Fuck Is This?

Postby Rufus T. Firefly » 10 Sep 2015, 08:06
The official teaser for <b>"Hairmetal Shotgun Zombie Massacre: The Movie"</b> can be seen below. Also available is a short making-of documentary that has a bunch of clips from the movie in it.
Also, all of the music in both the trailer and the documentary is new/original stuff from Singer <b>Tim "Ripper" Owens</b> (<b>JUDAS PRIEST</b>, <b>ICED EARTH</b>, <b>YNGWIE MALMSTEEN</b>) and <b>Marzi Montazeri</b> (<b>PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS</b>). <b>Owens</b> and <b>Montazeri</b> composed the music for the fictional band <b>WITCHES' LIPS</b> portrayed in the movie, and a soundtrack album featuring those songs as well as the score music will be issued at a later date.
Directed by <b>Joshua Allan Vargas</b>, who has worked on music videos for <b>DOWN</b>, <b>SOIL</b>, <b>PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS</b> and <b>WARBEAST</b>, the film is about a hair metal band that, while struggling to find its own identity, decides to record its first full-length album is a creepy cabin located in the middle of a notorious cemetery. Chock full of weed, coke, and booze, the band discovers a secret in the cellar and unwittingly open a gate that allows demons to possess the corpses in the surrounding cemetery. Forced to have to survive the night and with the odds getting slimmer, the band must battle hordes of the demonic undead and hope to get a record deal somewhere in the process.
Written by <b>Joshua Allan Vargas</b> and <b>Jvstin Whitney</b>, based on a story by <b>Jvstin Whitney</b>, <b>"Hairmetal Shotgun Zombie Massacre: The Movie"</b> will feature cameos by <b>Tom Araya</b> (<b>SLAYER</b>), <b>Randy Blythe</b> (<b>LAMB OF GOD</b>) and <b>David Vincent</b> (<b>MORBID ANGEL</b>).
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Re: The Fuck Is This?

Postby rhino » 10 Sep 2015, 08:52

29 second mark :redneck:
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Re: The Fuck Is This?

Postby Nick » 10 Sep 2015, 09:03

Is Kerry king involved?
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Re: The Fuck Is This?

Postby Josh » 10 Sep 2015, 09:14

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Re: The Fuck Is This?

Postby turd monsoon 2: low-pressure buildup » 10 Sep 2015, 09:15

i bet this stinks like ass
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