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Postby Akkush » 19 Mar 2019, 15:18

Hi Everyone!

I thought I post a little introduction here.

My name is Ákos, I'm from Hungary.
I started playing guitar because Morbid Angel's Gateways album.
One of my plans is to learn the complete album by ear.
It's kinda hard, since some parts are quit muddy, and I don't even try to learn Trey's solos,
I'm more in to Erik's style.

Hope I get some help from the more experianced guys here, and I can give a little to the community.

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Re: Greetingzzz!

Postby User » 19 Mar 2019, 17:50

welcome and glad to see you here
more metal
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Re: Greetingzzz!

Postby zim » 19 Mar 2019, 18:37

k'hello there
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Re: Greetingzzz!

Postby iamgoat » 19 Mar 2019, 22:15

Hey new lady :santa:
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Re: Greetingzzz!

Postby Skinfection » 20 Mar 2019, 04:49

Ahoy :santa:

We're an odd bunch (very meta), but don't let that deter you from sticking around.
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Re: Greetingzzz!

Postby Ninny » 23 Mar 2019, 04:02

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Re: Greetingzzz!

Postby arborist shrub tarkington » 26 Mar 2019, 18:12

good luck to you in your endeavors, gateways is awesome :santa:
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