The MABB logo...

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Olden Polynice
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The MABB logo...

Postby Olden Polynice » 17 Dec 2015, 14:48

The A looks like a demented graffiti artist's E. Just a pissed observation.
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arborist shrub tarkington
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Re: The MABB logo...

Postby arborist shrub tarkington » 17 Dec 2015, 19:52

it looks rather a-ish to these eyes
zim wrote:(it's usually really dark)
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Re: The MABB logo...

Postby shadowalk » 17 Dec 2015, 22:16

Actually I've been meaning to look at that tail of the M at the left side of the logo as now that I've been looking at it for years, that's the one that's a little kinda off to me. It was the best compromise I could think of back then. That's not even a vector image, that's just several layers of the Morbid Angel logo played around with in Photoshop. I didn't even mask anything so those are all rasterized layers. :redneck:

One of these days, I'll work on updating it using Illustrator. Maybe on the holidays if sard permits.

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