Killer be killed. New stuff coming?

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Killer be killed. New stuff coming?

Postby crumbswamkghoshthber » 07 Apr 2018, 07:15

KILLER BE KILLED has commenced work on material for its second album, tentatively due next year.

The supergroup, which is comprised of Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, ex-SEPULTURA), Greg Puciato (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN), Troy Sanders (MASTODON) and drummer Ben Koller (CONVERGE, ALL PIGS MUST DIE, MUTOID MAN), released its self-titled debut album in 2014 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Asked in a brand new interview with the "Red Light District Show" if there are any plans for KILLER BE KILLED to record a follow-up effort, Max said (hear audio below): "We're actually practicing tomorrow. The guys are flying here to Phoenix and we're gonna go to our SOULFLY place of practice, which is like this big warehouse that we have [with] all our gear there. So they're flying in, and they rented a house. So, yeah, we're gonna finally, finally get some new stuff. We'll try to write as much as we can. I'm really excited. I think we're gonna definitely have a new KILLER BE KILLED [album] next year, man — I can say that I'm pretty much 99 percent sure it's gonna happen… Hopefully we'll have some stuff done [during this songwriting session], enter the studio sometime… I'm hoping maybe at the end of the year we can actually go in the studio and record some, and continue maybe next year, and have a record out next year. That's the perfect plan for me, at least I think in my mind."

I'm well up for some new shit from this outfit soon anyway. Very agreeable synthesis of all the bands constituent elements indeed :cigar: Kicks my ass anyway :ner:
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Re: Killer be killed. New stuff coming?

Postby Nick » 07 Apr 2018, 07:40

Oh shit
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Re: Killer be killed. New stuff coming?

Postby Josh » 07 Apr 2018, 09:37

Yes! Loved the first record. Bring it on
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Re: Killer be killed. New stuff coming?

Postby rhino » 07 Apr 2018, 19:22

this band shakes some bunger
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Re: Killer be killed. New stuff coming?

Postby turd monsoon 2: low-pressure buildup » 13 Apr 2018, 20:36

is this band advocating for the killing of killers
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