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Postby Rufus T. Firefly » 29 Sep 2018, 08:47

This is straight up melodic black metal from Oregon (USA for you international wankers) and it is most excellent.
they've got 2 albums under their belt thus far and hot damn if they aren't both amazing.
I think this band has a bright (or uh, dark) future ahead of them if they keep it up.

phpBB [video]

Since I began listening to them a couple of months ago, it's come to my attention that they get compared to the Polish black metal band Mgła a lot (by elitist pricks of course!)
other than the hoods and the 4 letter name I really don't get the comparisons to Mgła. Musically they are very different.
Are they an influence? Probably. But I feel like UADA are doing their own thing and doing it well.

phpBB [video]

I had the pleasure of catching them on tour the other night...
Even with the stripped down stage (no stage lights other than some white spot lights on the floor and fog) they still destroyed
The lack of effects made you really concentrate on the music itself while still setting a mood.

here's a video I took of their first 2 songs:

phpBB [video]

(they start around 1:25 if you want to skip the intro) :grimsanta:
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Re: Uada

Postby arborist shrub tarkington » 30 Sep 2018, 20:16

i do not know these musicians
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