old guitar day

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old guitar day

Postby arborist shrub tarkington » 31 Jul 2016, 03:08

share them, the old guitar stories
Hitoshura wrote:i am still extraordinarily happy with the blood pods though
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Re: old guitar day

Postby Hitoshura » 31 Jul 2016, 06:07

my first electric guitar was a non-branded super strat that i bought off my pal mike for $25 during my sophomore year
it was black with red binding and it played and sounded like utter dogshit
i ended up trading half a pack of cigarettes for my second guitar, a red epiphone SG. i had to do a lot of repair work on it but it was an excellent guitar once i restored it to working order. i then gave that first guitar to a different fellating lover and he smashed it to bits like an asshole. we had a falling out a couple years later and i threatened to stab him when he kept prank-calling my house :redneck:
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Re: old guitar day

Postby shadowalk » 31 Jul 2016, 07:24

My first ever guitar was some Les Paul copy that a fellating lover lent to me. It had been repainted many times and the neck was really fat and paint-sticky. I learned my earliest chops and some Judas Priest riffage on that guitar.

Later on I bought an Ibanez. Oh boy that thin, unpainted neck.
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Re: old guitar day

Postby Lavabug » 31 Jul 2016, 11:08

My first guitar that I learned to play on was an old washburn acoustic with the bridge peeling off the body almost completely. I learned the basics there.
My first electric was an uber cheesy import Jackson Kelly bolt-on. Construction was horrible and it was falling apart at the neck joint(largely my own doing trying to reposition strap buttons), but I remember liking the neck. Metallic red, fixed bridge.
After that I went through a few years of guitar hookerdom and indecisiveness:
Jackson DXMG - shite pickups, meh trem, but it played great. Sold when I moved in '05
BC Rich NJ Ironbird - Came with EMG 81/85 (which I changed for dimarzio's) and I upgraded the bridge to an OFR. I miss this guitar actually, it felt really nice to play and it just looked fucking metuhl. Sold it off.
Ibanez UV7BK - black/green same as Trey's. Got it used and very beat up for around $600 w/ case. I loved the feel but never was happy with the sounds it had through an amp, might've been the Blazes. Sold, stupidly.
Charvel Model 5FX - black neck thru superstrat that Trey is playing in that old Tampa rehearsal space video. Best feel and sound I've ever got out of a guitar, I am sold on the idea of a compound radius and stupidly huge XJ frets. Came with a Schaller bridge too and I've done a few mods to it. I will NEVER get rid of this one and will be sad if anything bad ever happens to it. It's also the only guitar I would probably buy again without flinching just to have a backup.
Kramer explorer copy - Back from the days of MusicYo. Satin finish, fixed bridge, bizarrely sophisticated blade pickups with tons of coil splitting options. Felt cheapy but played great, amazing for the price. Sold it off.
Thomann/Harley Benton Flying V copy w/ trem - Shite. Stupid buy. Sold it off.
Douglas 7 string - got it for a steal price, never really managed to get back into playing 7's though. Sold it off last month.
Ibanez RG350M - metallic red, bought it last year in a well-played state for a deal. Gonna keep this. Changed bridge pickup to a PAF pro and I just finished installing an Ibanez Edge Pro bridge on it. Needs a set up. Will do the similar upgrades for the white one I just bought.
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Re: old guitar day

Postby zim » 31 Jul 2016, 13:06

my first guitar was a christmas present from my parents when i was 12 or 13. it was a first act guitar with a tiny little amp, a flimsy blue pick, a tuning whistle, and an instructional book with sheet music. had no idea what i was doing with any of it, didn't know how to tune it, didn't know how to read the sheet music. 
second guitar was a white cort performer series (kind of a jackson soloist copy) that my mom and dad also bought me, we got it from a pawn shop. my mom haggled the hard-on bearer down from 300 to 200.  :idea:  i wanted a dark red epiphone les paul that was in the shop but my brother told me 'the white one' was cooler so i got it instead. :redneck:

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