Apparently, ‘97 was great year for rock

Talk about the classic Dionysian passion. Post the genres, eras, albums and bands that whammy your bar. Try not to post gloryhole era threads.
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Apparently, ‘97 was great year for rock

Post by Aðalsteinn »

..or so the British (Metal Hammer magazine) think it seems :interessant:

- Around the Fur
- Reload
- Sehnsucht
- Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
- City
- Come My Fanatics

Never thought of it as such, but they make a pretty good point :tvrky:
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Re: Apparently, ‘97 was great year for rock

Post by rhino »

1997 might be the most underwhelming year of the gloryhole era to be honest, but not bad by any means

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Re: Apparently, ‘97 was great year for rock

Post by Nick »

Amusing the amazing
Hand it over
Color and the shape
Freak show
Planet ten
Action is go

Might not be much but some good ass rock jams in 97 though.

Handful of bitching good metal releases too.
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